How grateful patients are giving back to help others

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Research demonstrates that the practice of gratitude improves immune function, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the lifetime risk for depression, anxiety and substance use disorders.

Patients recovering from mental illness and addiction often ask how they can show their gratitude for a clinician, staff member or other individual who has played a key role in their recovery. We are pleased to announce a new program that allows patients who have benefitted from our research to do just that.

Homewood Research Institute (HRI) has launched the Grateful Patient Program, a donation program that enables patients to recognize someone special. And with every donation, grateful patients will also support others following in their footsteps on the road to recovery.

Patients are invited to donate and share their comments about an individual who contributed to making their recovery journey a success. Honourees will receive a letter of recognition, and all funds will support research at HRI that is designed to help future patients get better, faster.

Every donation will support the discovery of new treatments, the refinement of existing practices and the evaluation of alternative treatment approaches – all in pursuit of better mental health for Canadians.

The Grateful Patient Program is one more way that patients can play a vital role in advancing HRI’s vision of world where no life is held back or cut short by mental illness or addiction. And it offers people in recovery another means of practicing gratitude and celebrating those who have helped them along the way.

To make a one-time gift or monthly donation of gratitude today, click here.