Mysteries of the Microbiome: Exploring the Gut-Brain Connection

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Reserve your spot now for our next HRI Talks event on January 26, a free virtual discussion featuring Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe.

HRI Talks - Mysteries of the Mircobiome

Imagine a universe bustling with sophisticated nanomachines – billions of tiny organisms whose activity influences nearly every aspect of the entire ecosystem. This is no sci-fi movie. This is the complex world inside each of us, better known as our gut microbiome.

In this free public talk, microbial ecologist Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe will introduce us to the mysteries of the microbiome and the many roles that microbes play in human health. Drawing from her own work and recent literature, she will share emerging knowledge about the fascinating connection between microbiome health and brain patterning, mood and human behaviour.

This exploratory conversation aims to shed light on the gut-brain connection and implications for mental health. The talk will include a moderated discussion and live Q&A with audience members.


Emma Allen-Vercoe, PhD

Professor and Canada Research Chair
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Guelph


Sidney Kennedy, MD, FRCPC, FRCPsych

Executive Director, HRI