Trauma and Moral Injury: Making the Invisible Wound Visible

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The people our society sends to the front lines of catastrophe – the disasters, the conflicts, the pandemics – do invaluable, selfless work. Too often, they pay a price for their efforts. Increasingly, one of the tolls they pay is living with a form of trauma called moral injury.

Moral injury is a specific type of psychological trauma that can affect healthcare workers, public safety personnel, military members and veterans, and others. Many now live with the harsh consequences of moral injury. It can cause tremendous suffering, producing feelings of guilt, shame, sadness, betrayal and anxiety.

In this HRI Talk, Dr. Ruth Lanius will led a discussion on moral injury/distress and explored the emerging science that enables us to understand what’s happening in the brain and how to better treat individuals suffering from moral injury.

Trauma and Moral Injury: Making the Invisible Wound Visible
January 26, 2023
7-8pm (ET)


  • Learn about moral distress/injury
  • Explore the relationship between brain activity and physical symptoms in moral injury
  • Learn about pathways to healing moral injury through personalized individual and group treatment approaches


Ruth Lanius, MD PhD
Collaborating Clinical Scientist at HRI; Professor of Psychiatry and Director, PTSD Research Unit, Western University; Harris-Woodman Chair in Psyche and Soma, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University


Amy Van Es
Founder & Tech Ethicist, Memo