Yarden Levy, BSc
McMaster University

Yarden Levy is in her second year doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology at McMaster University under the co-supervision of Dr. Margaret McKinnon and Dr. Suzanne Becker. She is also currently completing a practicum in the Clinical Neuropsychology Services at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and hopes to train on trauma informed interventions. Yarden’s doctoral thesis is broadly on re-regulating dysfunctional intrinsic connectivity networks through lifestyle factors such as neurofeedback training, aerobic exercise and mindfulness. She also has specific interests in studying how alexithymia differs from dissociation and neural regions involving recollection and construction of events (i.e. autobiographical memory and episodic future thinking). Yarden completed her undergraduate degree from York University, has worked in over 10 neuropsychologically driven laboratories across the University of Toronto, York University, and McMaster University, and is the recipient of several academic accolades highlighting her academic rigour. 

For a list of publications, please visit Yarden’s Research Gate page.