Sarah Sousa, MSc
University of Waterloo

Since 2014, Sarah has worked closely with clinicians and external scientists to develop and implement evaluation and research studies across HRI’s focus areas. She is a founding, core team member of the Recovery Journey Project (led by Dr. Jean Costello). Her skills with technology and implementation science have led to the implementation of electronic data capture systems at both HRI and their primary practice partner, Homewood Health. She continues to oversee HRI’s data systems while supporting HRI’s work in the areas of youth mental health, and recovery monitoring.

Sarah Sousa obtained her Master of Science degree in Health Studies and Gerontology from the School of Public Health and Health Systems, at the University of Waterloo in November 2013. Her graduate focus was in the field of Aging and Program Evaluation. Sarah is currently a part-time PhD student at the School of Public Health & Health Systems, where her training is focusing on creating tools to evaluate the uptake and utilization of knowledge translation activities. This work translates to her growing role at HRI, where she is looking to measure the impacts of HRI’s research on clinical practice and the larger mental health and addictions ecosystem.

To learn more about Sarah, check out her Google Scholar page.