Dr. Sidney Kennedy

Sidney Kennedy, MD, FRCPC, FRCPsych
Executive Director

Isaac Beech

Isaac Beech, BSc
Research Coordinator

Emily Britton

Emily Britton, MA
Research and Evaluation Associate

Dr. Jean Costello

Jean Costello, PhD
Director of Evaluation

Heather Froome

Heather Froome, MSW
Director of Operations

Kaili Hilkewich

Kaili Hilkewich, BComm
Manager, Revenue Development

Stephanie Lu

Stephanie Lu, PhD
Senior Research & Evaluation Associate

Kim Ritchie

Kim Ritchie, PhD
Senior Research Associate

Becky Rothwell

Becky Rothwell, BA Hons
Manager of Communications

Radia Taisir

Radia Taisir, MSc
Data Analyst