Kim Ritchie

Kim Ritchie, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Kim Ritchie obtained her PhD in Rehabilitation Science from Queen’s University, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Margaret McKinnon and Dr. Ruth Lanius, in the Trauma and Recovery Lab at McMaster University.

Since 2020, Dr. Ritchie has been co-leading a project examining the impact of COVID-19-related stress, moral injury, and minority stress on mental health among health care professionals and first responders in Canada. The project involves extensive surveys and interviews to characterize and better understand the unique challenges and needs of health care workers and first responders during the pandemic. Findings will inform the development of novel treatment approaches to better help these populations both during and after the pandemic.

As a registered nurse, Dr. Ritchie brings extensive clinical experience in mental health and geriatric mental health. She has held clinical leadership positions in advanced practice and professional practice roles. Over her career, Dr. Ritchie has led several large projects aimed at improving mental health outcomes for individuals in acute care and in the community.