We create meaningful change through research

HRI is a catalyst for change, bringing people together in a shared quest to improve mental health and substance use services through applied research.

We are a charitable organization that partners with top treatment providers, universities, and research institutes, bringing experts from diverse backgrounds to the same table to address Canada’s mental health and addiction crisis.

Through our partnership with Homewood Health, we are uniquely able to conduct studies in treatment settings across the country. This means that we work directly with our greatest stakeholders: people living with mental illness and addiction.

We move knowledge into action

We make our research findings available for others to use and put into practice as soon as possible – a process known as knowledge translation. By moving our findings into the real world, we can inform important policy change and advance treatment innovations to help people faster.

We train future leaders

Through our trainee program, we provide learning opportunities for graduate and post-doctoral students in the field of mental health and substance use research. Trainees work under the supervision of HRI Scientists in all areas of research.

The work we do together will enhance services and improve the well-being of individuals, families, workplaces, and society.

About HRI and Homewood Health

Although we work closely with Homewood Health, we are a separate legal entity, and an independent registered charity.

Homewood Research Institute (HRI) was founded by Homewood Health, which is why we proudly share the Homewood name.

We receive generous financial support from Homewood Health and its owners, the Schlegel family. Homewood Health has also opened its clinical programs across Canada as Living Research Environments for HRI. With this unique foundation in place, we have become a nationally recognized research institute with a growing list of partners. Our work is supported by an increasing number of foundations, funding agencies, and philanthropists.

See how HRI is leading the way to better care for mental illness and substance use issues:

Together, we can improve treatment.
We can help to save lives.