Our Vision

No life held back or cut short by mental illness and/or substance use issues.

Our Mission

We collaborate with key stakeholders to improve mental health and substance use health through applied research and knowledge translation.

Our Values

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Real-World Impact & Excellence

Focus on enhancing treatments and services to improve outcomes through excellence in mental health and substance use health research

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Partnership & Collaboration

Promote a spirit of community and cooperation in a common cause.

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Discovery & Innovation through research

Be creative in developing and testing novel treatments and services.

Research on Mental Health and Substance Use Health at HRI

Homewood Research Institute (HRI) is an independent charity that drives innovation and applied research to improve mental health and substance use health services in Canada. We do this through strategic partnerships with leading scientists, service providers and people with lived experience.

Through our partnerships and collaborations, we are able to test, evaluate, and retest novel treatments to generate new knowledge in understudied areas.

We make our research findings available for others to use so it can be put into practice as soon as possible – a process known as knowledge translation. By moving our findings into the real world, we can inform important policy change and advance treatment innovations to help people faster.

Above all, HRI is a catalyst for change, bringing people together in a shared quest to improve mental health and substance use health treatment through research. The work we do together will enhance services and improve the well-being of individuals, families, workplaces, and society.