Characterization of individuals receiving treatment for substance use and addiction

Led by HRI and McMaster University, this program of research explores how clinical symptoms may be linked to an individual’s experience of addiction. Researchers are working with clinicians and patients in the Addiction Medicine Program at Homewood Health Centre to understand patient characteristics that may predict the severity of addiction and how well individuals respond to treatment. This study could also shed light on why patients drop out of treatment early and how the risk of early drop-out might be mitigated.

Research Team: Dr. James MacKillop (McMaster University, HRI), Dr. Jean Costello (HRI), Dr. Onawa LaBelle (University of Windsor), Dr. Brian Rush (CAMH, University of Toronto, HRI), Sarah Sousa (HRI), Alysha Cooper (HRI), Alyna Walji (HRI), Emily Levitt (McMaster University), Dr. Sabrina Syan (McMaster University), Dr. Meenu Minhas (McMaster University), Maurissa Hastings (University of Windsor), Matthew Meeks (University of Windsor), Dr. Yelena Chorny (Homewood Health Centre)