Technology plays a vital role in addressing the worldwide need for better access to mental health and addiction services. Digital resources hold great potential as scalable, affordable solutions that can reach people even in remote locations.

While new digital mental health tools are created every day, decision makers struggle to determine which tools should be used and scaled with confidence in healthcare systems.

HRI is helping to solve this problem. We work with national and international experts in digital psychiatry and mobile mental health who are helping us build out this priority area of research.

The work we do benefits healthcare providers, government leaders, and those who design, evaluate, and invest in digital tools. Most importantly, our work will benefit people living with mental illness and addiction who use digital resources during their recovery.

We are helping Canada and other countries to develop evidence-informed processes and roadmaps for digital mental health services – from creating policies and regulations to making strategic decisions about funding.

Together, we can help our country make the best use of digital resources that benefit all Canadians.