Digital Tools for Mental Health and Substance Use

New digital tools for mental health and substance use are created every day. But decision-makers struggle to determine which tools should be used and scaled with confidence in healthcare systems.

HRI is helping to solve this problem. This work is led by Dr. Yuri Quintana, HRI Senior Scientist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, who collaborates with international colleagues to improve methods to evaluate mental health apps. 

The work we do benefits healthcare providers, government leaders, and those who design, evaluate, and invest in digital tools. Most importantly, our work will benefit people living with mental illness and addiction who use digital resources during their recovery.

We are helping Canada and other countries to develop evidence-informed processes and roadmaps for digital mental health services – from creating policies and regulations to making strategic decisions about funding.

Building a framework to assess mental health apps for youth

Researchers are conducting a scientific review of current mental health apps for youth using an innovative framework created by HRI in 2020.

Creating a prototype evidence-based youth mental health app

In this project, youth will be engaged as partners in designing and piloting a prototype for an evidence-based mental health app.

Standard metrics to assess outcomes of youth mental health apps

This study aims to identify which tools are most effective for measuring outcomes among youth who use mental health apps for anxiety and depression.

Together, we can help our country make the best use of digital resources that benefit all Canadians.