Building a framework to assess mental health apps for youth

In 2020, HRI released a Framework to guide the development, evaluation, and regulation of mental health apps for youth. Led by HRI Collaborating Scientist Dr. Yuri Quintana, the Framework will help Canada and other countries develop a scientifically informed roadmap for expanding digital mental health tools.

With funding from The McConnell Foundation, the Framework is being used to conduct a scientific review of current digital therapies to address a priority health domain. The research team will also convene a range of stakeholders and mental health experts to draft recommendations that can guide decision-makers as they work towards regulation and policy development for digital therapies in Canada. National-level roundtables will be held with experts to discuss emerging issues about privacy, data security, and the evaluation of mental health app efficacy.

Research Team: Dr. Yuri Quintana (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, Harvard University, HRI), Alyna Walji (HRI), Zoe Liao (BIDMC), Avantika Pathak (BIDMC), Samantha Valliant (BIDMC)

Funder: The McConnell Foundation