Recovery Journey Project

The Recovery Journey Project is a multi-year research study that aims to shed light on the recovery process for people who receive mental health and addiction treatment. It is one of few longitudinal studies in Canada measuring key indicators of recovery over time (for up to 12 months after treatment), as well as factors that may facilitate recovery.

The data from this research can be used to monitor and evaluate treatment quality and effectiveness, to generate new knowledge about the recovery process, and to help shape the future of mental health and addiction treatment in Canada.

Research team: Dr. Jean Costello (HRI), Dr. Brian Rush (CAMH, University of Toronto, HRI), Dr. James MacKillop (McMaster University, HRI), Sarah Sousa (HRI), Alysha Cooper (HRI), Alyna Walji (HRI), Isabella Romano (University of Waterloo), Dr. Yelena Chorny (Homewood Health Centre), Don Roth (Homewood Health Centre), Shannon Remers (Homewood Health, Inc.), Dominique Bruce (Homewood Health Centre)

Visit the Recovery Journey Project microsite.