Exploring the impact of mindfulness training on trauma recovery

This study explores the utility of an intensive mindfulness training program in helping to reduce cognitive symptoms, such as difficulty with concentration, memory, and executive functioning, among people with PTSD. In this study, researchers worked with patients in the Traumatic Stress Injury and Concurrent Program (TSICP) at Homewood Health Centre. They compared the experiences of patients who completed the standard inpatient treatment program to patients who completed standard treatment plus a four-week mindfulness training program using Muse headbands, which measure brain activity and help users recognize whether their brain is calm or active.

Research Team: Dr. Margaret McKinnon (McMaster University, HRI), Dr. Suzanna Becker (McMaster University), Yarden Levy (McMaster University), Saurabh Shaw (McMaster University), Allison Mizzi (McMaster University)