Factors affecting the mental health of female military members and veterans

This study explores the experiences of female and female-identified military members and veterans during military deployment. Using focus groups and interviews, researchers aim to understand the unique mental health challenges, opportunities, and factors that impact the emotional and psychological well-being of servicewomen and female veterans during deployment.

Findings will be shared with policy makers, scholars, clinicians, and other stakeholders with a common goal to improve the deployment experience of servicewomen and identify critical success factors to drive inclusivity and agility in the Canadian army.

Research Team: Dr. Margaret McKinnon (McMaster University, HRI), Dr. Ruth Lanius (Western University), Dr. Andrea Brown (McMaster University), Heather Millman (HRI), Dr. Kim Ritchie (McMaster University, HRI), LtCol (ret’d) Alexandra Heber (VAC), Charlene O’Connor (Homewood Health Centre), LCdr (ret’d) Rosemary Park (Servicewomen’s Salute), Bethany Easterbrook (McMaster University)

Funder: Government of Canada’s Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS) Program