Reducing cognitive symptoms of PTSD in public safety personnel (a randomized control trial)

This randomized control trial examines the effectiveness of a thinking-skills training program called Goal Management Training (GMT) in reducing cognitive symptoms and improving functional outcomes (such as returning to work) in public safety personnel with PTSD.

Participants take part in group sessions that focus on memory, attention, and goal-directed behaviours. MRI scans are conducted before and after treatment to measure changes in brain structure and function associated with treatment.

Research Team: Dr. Margaret McKinnon (McMaster University, HRI), Dr. Ruth Lanius (Western University), Charlene O’Connor (Homewood Health Centre), Heather Millman (HRI), Dr. Sue Becker (McMaster University), Dr. Andrew Nicholson (McMaster University, HRI),  Brahm Sanger (McMaster University), Sarah Goegan (McMaster University), Krysta Andrews (McMaster University, HRI), Sherain Harricharan (McMaster University, HRI)

Funder:  Workplace Safety and Insurance Board – Ontario; Canadian Institutes of Health Research