Testing and evaluating a PTSD treatment for military members and veterans in an outpatient setting

In this study, researchers are testing a cognitive training program called Goal Management Training (GMT) among military members and veterans with PTSD at Operational Stress Injury (OSI) outpatient clinics. GMT aims to reduce symptoms of PTSD, such as difficulty with memory, attention, planning, and organization.

Researchers will evaluate the implementation process to learn about the feasibility and transferability of GMT to other outpatient clinics. The team will work collaboratively with clinicians and participants to identify what works well and to optimize processes for future expansion of the program.

Research Team: Dr. Margaret McKinnon (McMaster University, HRI), Charlene O’Connor (Homewood Health Centre), Heather Millman (HRI), Kim Ritchie (McMaster University, HRI)

Funder: Cowan Foundation; Military Casualty Support Foundation; RBJ Schlegel Holdings